Office Staff

Good Public Service

Good public service begins with one simple phrase: treat others as you want to be treated. With this concept we've heard from childhood in mind, wowing the public becomes a joy, not a chore. Just a smile and saying hello - As simple as it may seem, a friendly greeting can go a long way.

We go the extra mile - Go off the beaten trail to help our citizens. We give that extra effort we also enjoy. Like listening with open ears - We practice the forgotten skill of listening. We all have times when we want to talk to someone about a situation but do not necessarily want a response. Often public service becomes a place for the citizens to let his voice be heard but rarely is listened to. Even if nothing can be done for a circumstance, we'll show courtesy and listen.

We think positive about our Village of Ellenville citizens and remember that we are there for them and without them, we would have no practical government. It is our desire to give the service we would want to receive. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Michelle Booth
Deputy Clerk/Deputy Tax Collector
845.647.7080 x303
[email protected]
Peggy York
Clerk Typist II
845.647.7080 x323
Lillian Lopez
Deputy Treasurer
845.647.7080 x322